Mansum Ibrahimov

Mansum Israfil oglu Ibrahimov was born in region Aghdam, village Imamgulubayli on October 1, 1960. The nature and atmosphere of lovely Garabaghof Azerbaijan excited Mansum to music and eastern melody from his childhood. Sound was inherited Mansum from his grandfather Mansum.

He was entered into the singing profession of Music College named after A.Zeynalli in 1982 and learnt here the mysteries of eastern melody from deceased singer of eastern melody,fine pedagogue Vahid Abdullayev. He was honored with the first place at the Republican eastern melody competition held related to the century of U.Hajibayov in 1985. A member of judge board of competition, unforgettable and coryphaeus artisan, people's artist Shovkat Alakbarova has approved the voice and scene appearance of Mansum.took him to Opera and ballet theatre. From that day, a new page was opened at the life of Mansum Ibrahimov. He continued his education in Culture and Art University and earned supreme education in 1988-93 years. Finally after a long trainings. Mansum Ibrahimov has performed in stage at the opera "Leyli and Majnun" which is the first opera of the East in 1993 and gained great respect and love of spectators. Acade micAzad Mirzajanzade showed the Majnun of Mansun, influenced and said: "Mansum remembered me Sarabskin by his performance and appearance. Mansum Ibrahimov is in stage as an irreplaceable Majnun today too. He has performed by this spectacle in Istanbul,Paris,at the head headquarter of UNESCO related to the century of "Leyli and Majnun" opera and as well as in Gatar. At the same time.Mansum Ibrahimov performs main roles in other spectacles too. Ashig Garib in "Ashig Garib" by Z.Hajibayov.Jamal in "Galin gayasi" by Sh.Akhundov etc.

Mansum Ibrahimov teaches his abilities to his students with great professionalism and willingly whichgained from his masters. He is a doscent of National Conservatory. Sound of his students is heard in everywhere of the world. Students of Mansum have successufully performed at the eastern melody competitions held in Republicand obtained the name of laureat. The owner of "Gran Pri" of International Eastern Competition held in 2009 in Baku was honorable artist Tayyar Bayramov who is a student of Mansum". He has organized twice concerts of young students at the Republic palace withthe project "Younger melody" and introduced new eastern melody singers to our nation. At the same time, M.Ibrahimov actively participates at the discovering of new talents in board of judges with master artisians at the Eastern Melody Television Competition held by the support of H.Aliyev fund.

For some years, Mansum Ibrahimov was accompanied by his friends and honorable artists Elchin Hashimov on tar, Elnur Ahmadov on kamancha at the "Garabagh" eastern melody tripartite set by him. 2 discs of M.Ibrahimov was made in this tripartite consisting of national songs and eastern melodies in several years. They find forgotten retro songs from archives, record them and give them new form. At the same time.M.Ibrahimov has performed some our dazgahs as well as eastern melodies as

"Rast", "Bayati-Shiraz", "Shur", "Mirza-Husein" etc eastern melodies as a skilful connoisseur and singer of our eastern melodies. These records are kept in the s fund. M.Ibrahimov and his art friends have performed the symphonic eastern melody as "Rast" by Niyazi and "Shur" by F.Amirov by accomponishment of symphonic orchestra under leadership of professor and people's artist Siyavush Karimi fir beginning from 2007. Orchestra conductor was honored art man Yalchin Adigoze They have performed with this project not only in Azerbaijan but also in Izmir.Lon Minsk,Kiev withthnational orchestra.

M.Ibrahimov was on tour in more than 30 foreign countries: USA, England, France,Holland,Germany, Norwey, Spain,Belgium,Egypt,Turkey, Irag, S.Arabia, G Russia, Iran, Ukraine, Belarus, Canada etc.

4 compact discs of M.Ibrahimov was published in Germany, Holland Canada, 1 DVD in Spain. The labor of M.Ibrahimov was always highly estimated by government. So that, he was owned the honored artist of Azerbaijan Republic 1998, people's artist in 2005. M.Ibrahimov is a President prizer. And he was awarded Honor order by the President of Azerbaijan Republic 2010.

He was benefited from the Garabaghland which grows great geniuses and i music cradle of Azerbaijan and reached up to this top of art,he has only one wish in his heart to play the "Leyli Majnun" spectacle in Garabagh the land of Uzeyir Hajibayov. Due to artisan:"I'm Majnun of our Garabagh"