Mugham is a complex traditional musical style from Azerbaijan, with plenty of room for improvisation. Mansum Ibrahimov is one of the best contemporary singers in this genre. His vocal inflections and embellishments are always astonishing; such range, and such power! He accompanies his singing on a daf (a hand drum).

This mugham ensemble is completed by Elchin Hashimov on tar (lute) and Elnur Ahmadov on kemancha (small knee-fiddle). These superb musicians are known for their participation in the Atlas Ensemble, the orchestra founded by Joel Bons (artistic leader of the New Ensemble) with top musicians from China, Central Asia, the Middle East and Europe. The other musicians are Nizami Allahverdiyev on balaban (traditional wind-instrument) and Kamran Karimov on nagara (traditional drums). This much talent in one group is a guarantee of music of the very highest quality.